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"SMO Edge is FABULOUS!! Not only are they highly skilled and creative social media experts, but their customer service is TOP NOTCH! No request is too big for this AWESOME team!"
- Ashley Mitchell
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"SMO Edge is effective, flexible and caring.
They want my business to succeed as much as I do."
- Simon Raphael
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In 2010 the leadership team of a small church in McKinney, TX decided to use social media as a way to grow their church, within a few months the church grew from a few families to a few hundred new members.
Over the next few months we discussed how we could use the same strategies to grow small businesses in the local area. July 2011 SMO Edge was born.

In January 2012 we signed a local fitness club to our family of clients. Within 2 months they went from being a new franchised location to number 2 in the nation for new members. The explosive growth caught the attention of their corporate office and soon we had other locations from coast to coast.

Mid 2012 we were contacted by a large retailer who was looking to increase their online sales. We ran a small $2,000 test and far exceeded their expectations. That November we launched the largest online campaign in the history of their company. Over the holiday season we were responsible for over 90% of the online traffic and they had a banner holiday season.

All through 2013 we added new clients who had witnessed our success play out. Our clients were being asked frequently ‘Who manages your social media?’ Now our favorite part of what we do is seeing companies excel with their social strategies. We eat, sleep & drink social media.


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